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Flavia Ribeiro de Castro was born in São Paulo in 1962. With a degree in Business Management from the University of São Paulo, she puts her knowledge to use in the areas of education and social work.

She has worked with children in need, young people whose rights have been violated and illiterate adults. She has volunteered in shelters, shantytowns and small rural communities. She was head of a formal school and coordinator of Education for Illiterate Adults and Young People in the municipality of São Sebastião.

In São Paulo, she was director of the Butantã Shelter and a member of the Cruzada Pró-Infância counselling board.

Flavia, who has devoted herself to social causes since adolescence, finds that voluntary work provides a way for her to better understand the world and her own personal story.

From October 2004, for more than a year, she frequented Santos Women’s Jail, with the aim of building a culture of peace. Five years on, she has decided to share her experiences.