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A touching story about love, transformation and hope


In October 2004, Flavia Ribeiro de Castro began a year-long journey into the world of Santos Women’s Jail, with the aim of building a culture of peace, improving living conditions with creativity in a precarious and violent environment.

Computing classes, the creation of a newspaper, a choir and a pageant, moments of meditation and various creative workshops helped the women to recover their self-esteem, strengthen themselves and rebuild their dreams for a future in liberty.

Flavia’s friends curiosity led her to write short reports which in time became a book about her project. With a gentle narrative, but an intense rhythm, the author immerses the reader in the story from the very first chapter. And as she relates the moving details of her work she makes us laugh, cry, reflect and face our own doubts and limitations.

Based on a real experience, Prison Flowers is a foray into the intimacy of the female universe. A gripping tale that exposes the conditions of exclusion, abandonment and violence in women’s prisons in Brazil, at the same time showing how the world can be transformed with affection, respect and hard work.

In the words of Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo, Dalmo de Abreu Dallari, "Prison Flowers is, above all, a record of this model of social action, which, duly adapted, could easily be reproduced in other environments, providing a valuable contribution to the enhancement of human dignity".